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Years ago, I met a man who enrolled at Stanford’s Business School. As I recall, he shared the following story…

On the first day, the new students gathered to hear the Dean speak. The Dean asked them “What is most important to succeed in business?”

The students tried various answers such as “Great leadership and management”, “Great ideas”, “Proper funding”, “Teamwork” and “A Stanford education.”

None were the answer the Dean was seeking.

The Dean looked across the room and spoke clearly. “Health. Your health is the most important thing to succeed in business, because without that, you can’t achieve those other things.”

Someday, if he is still alive, I hope to meet that Dean or at least find out his name.

Today, billions, perhaps trillions of dollars are being invested in treating, curing and preventing diseases. Much less is focused on what healthy people can do to keep their health.

We are at an inflection point where we can:

• See how the body works at the molecular level
• Modify our genomes and microbiomes
• Analyze vast amounts of data with powerful computing and machine-learning
• Produce synthetic biology at the nanoscale level
• Share and collaborate on science globally

Unfortunately, healthy people have limited time to research leading health science. As we’ve seen through the history of medicine, there is still plenty of pseudoscience and no shortage of vendors selling panaceas.

Keep.Health’s mission is to bring you the most promising ways to keep your health and increase your healthspan, the length of time in one’s life during which an individual is in reasonably good health.

In the near future, “To be old,” may no longer mean, “To have mentally and physically declined.”

For those who have the focus and desire to stay healthy, Keep.Health publishes articles bi-weekly.

Keep Health’s subscription service is free and we do not sell or share our membership data. We do not receive commissions or other benefits from 3rd party products or services mentioned on this site. In the future, we plan to offer premium paid services.

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Erik Sebesta
Founder, Keep.Health


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