What Causes Aging?

What causes aging is not a pleasant topic. We prefer not to think about it. The easy path is to do nothing.

However, doing nothing does not end well.

If we are aware of what causes aging, we are likely to take action to increase our healthspan.

If we know how to reduce, delay or prevent aging, we are even more likely to take action.

So what specifically can you do to enjoy more good years of life?

Start by finding an hour to read or at least skim the following biological-level summaries of aging.

When done, reward yourself by finding ~30 minutes a day to read each fascinating chapter of:

This well-researched and well-written book examines the key causes of death and degradation. Fortunately, what you choose to eat can make a big difference. You’ll find dietary changes to improve your healthspan and lifespan. Plus, you’ll discover many surprising facts which bust myths like, “Bananas are healthy because they contain lots of potassium!”

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