20 Key Health Factors for 2020

Not Just Diet and Exercise. 20 Key Factors to Keep Health

How does a person with a busy life keep up with the latest research into what would allow them to keep their health? Given a shortage of time, health-conscious people typically focus on diet and exercise. However, health must be considered comprehensively and cover at least these elements:

    Most Important

  1. Regular high quality sleep -- with high quality sleep, you can focus on your health
  2. Safe exposome (your lifetime of environmental exposures)
    • Choose to live where there is clean air and water
    • Avoid toxins and hazardous substances
    • Enjoy a safe and friendly setting where you feel respected, valued and encouraged to reach your full potential
  3. Social interaction

  4. Very Important

  5. Robust microbiome -- go read I Contain Multitudes, fascinating and fun insights into life
    • Keeps us alive
    • Protects us against germs
    • Breaks down food to release energy
    • Produces vitamins
  6. Diet
  7. Periodontal care / Oral health -- pathogenic oral bacteria negatively impact your microbiome and cause cardiovascular disease, possibly even Alzheimers.
  8. Proper gait  (walking style) -- custom orthotics are recommended
  9. Flexibility and pliability -- often forgotten. Build them into your daily routine
  10. Exercise -- exercising without proper gait, pliability and flexibility leads to injuries
  11. Brain and body protection -- wear your seat belt, wear a bike and ski helmet, avoid contact sports and chronic stress

  12. Important

  13. Skin and lip protection -- sunscreen and lip block. Many people forget the lip block…Don’t get lip cancer.
  14. Recommended vaccinations and seasonal immunizations
  15. Strength training
  16. Eye care -- sunglasses, regular vision exams
  17. Hearing protection -- wear earplugs at noisy events and for better sleep
  18. Proper breathing and posture -- including when running
  19. Continuous learning / Getting smarter
  20. Happiness -- research shows that being happy promotes a healthy lifestyle. It also helps reduce stress, lowers blood pressure and boosts your immune system, thus increasing your life expectancy.
  21. Optimism -- research shows that people with higher levels of optimism had an 11-15% longer life span, and a greater chance of living past age 85.
  22. Having a purpose in life -- research shows that people who know their life purpose and why they wake up in the morning live up to seven years longer.
There’s room for debate on the importance levels, but keeping your health requires all of them. With health in place, you can pursue your goals in life.

For how many of these key factors are you in excellent health today?

How are you monitoring and confirming that?

What areas would you like to improve? What area do you have the willpower to change today? Pick one and start making a difference in your healthspan.

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